Batswadi SideBar with Tshepi Vundla

Batswadi SideBar with Tshepi Vundla

You might know Tshepi Vundla for being a savvy fashionista, stylist and social media influencer, but no job is closer to her heart than being a mom. 

Back in 2017, the media personality gave birth to Siba Bogopa, who is also the son of South African rapper JR. Since then, the gorgeous mom has spoilt fans with fun snippets of family holiday trips, Christmas photoshoots and Siba’s killer birthday parties on social media. 

While there are few things that are as adorable as a picture of Siba giving his cheesiest smile amidst his two loving parents, we’re super excited to get to know the mom behind the cute Insta snaps that she shares with fans. In our latest Batswadi SideBar session, Tshepi shares her good and bad mom moments and a priceless piece of parenting advice you’re sure to appreciate.

Describe the kind of mom you are.

I like to think I’m the fun mom with limits. I go all out for Siba, which may come across as though I’m spoiling him but seeing him happy makes me the happiest. 

Mom throws Siba a Space Jam themed party, Tshepi Vundla, Instagram

What does mommy “me-time” look like for you?

My time away from Siba is spent with my girls, having lunch or dinners & then we dance the night away. I also enjoy date nights with my partner. 

What ‘first’ moment do you really cherish with your child?

Oh my goodness, there are so many. I literally cherish everything he does, he just makes life so much easier. 

Do you have any parenting hacks that you could share with our readers?

My advice would be to ask for help or allow people to help you. You honestly cannot raise your child/children alone, it literally takes a village to raise a child.

What’s a typical day like with Siba?

Most of the time I do all my work while he’s at school. I pick him up and the rest of the day is dedicated to him. We have lunch together, watch tv/movies together then chill. Then we cook dinner, eat dinner then we put him to bed. We also have lots of conversations about the day, his feelings & anything under the sun. 

Tshepi Vundla, Instagram

What cute stuff is Siba doing at the moment?

Siba loves learning and he is currently showing interest in telling time & spelling. He also loves helping me cook meals at home.

On an average day, how many photos do you take of Siba?

Haha, I have never counted but I completely respect him when he isn’t keen on taking pictures. He loves creating content & asks from time to time when we are having a photoshoot again. 

What’s your favourite song to sing to or with Siba? 

We sing a lot of songs together but I think Justin Bieber’s “Monster” & his dad’s song “Vibin’” are the front runners.

If you could ask for help right now, what would you ask for? 

I have all the help in the world with Siba’s nanny, a great helpful partner & my family who are always around.

Picture perfect JR, Siba and Tshepi Vundla,

What’s the best parenting advice that’s been passed down to you?

Cherish every moment because they grow up so quick. Also, be present for your child. 

Name one time you’ve been a ‘bad’ mom.

taking out my frustrations on Siba by raising my voice, I hate it so much & it’s obviously not intentional but I always apologise to him & explain things to him. 

Name one time where you’ve been the best mom.

I think I’m pretty good at throwing/hosting Siba’s birthday parties. 


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