Celebrating motherhood with DJ and celebrity hairstylist, Bomzi Lekgoro

Celebrating motherhood with DJ and celebrity hairstylist, Bomzi Lekgoro

The month of May is the perfect time to celebrate the influence of mothers in our society. This special month is celebrated in many ways across the world with many taking time to spoil their loved ones.


We caught up with Ntombomzi ‘Bomzi’ Lekgoro who is a mom, DJ, celebrity hairstylist and HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones brand ambassador. Born and raised in Orlando Soweto she shares her journey of motherhood and what it means to her.



  1. What is your favourite thing about being a mother and raising your daughter?


My favourite thing about being a mom is my ability to connect with my daughter on her level, she teaches me the importance of being present. I am always reminded that everything I do has a purpose and that my greatest achievements are because of wanting to be a great role model to her.


  1. What are some of your learnings as a mother that you would share with other mothers?


What I have learnt as a mother is that children are honest and they expect honesty from us as adults. Love and transparency go a long way when it comes to children. Doing everything based on these two principals has helped me have a good relationship with my daughter and I would probably give other moms an in on this trick.


  1. Being a mom can get busy and we might forget to unwind from time to time, what are some of your favourite ways to unwind?


I really love a good old bubble bath. Lighting some candles, soaking myself in the bubble bath and listening to a beautiful playlist is my definition of bliss and a good way to spoil myself with a little relaxation.


  1. Children are no strangers to technology, tell us about how you stay connected with your daughter and some of your favourite things to do together


My daughter is so technologically savvy it surprises me! I love seeing her know her way around gadgets, but I also think its very important to monitor what she does whenever I let her use my phone and Google Kids Space is the perfect way to monitor this. When we’re away from each other a video call is the best way to touch base with her and find out about her day. She also loves to video call her cousins and that’s always a fun away for us to keep in touch with them.


  1. Tell us about your journey with HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones and your journey and achievements as a brand ambassador


My journey with HMD Global and Nokia has been a phenomenal one. I have been a brand ambassador for just over two years now and I love how the brand has grown with me in my career. From my passion of hairstyling to my love for DJing the brand has really been a great support in fuelling my career.


My Nokia X10 device keeps me on top of mine and my daughter’s schedules. I am such a fan of the Google Assistant feature because it helps me book appointments and helps me create my DJ set list. My biggest flex is having my Nokia Essential Wireless headphones, they make me stand out. I would recommend these devices as the perfect gift for moms.   


  1. Lastly, tell us about your favourite feature on your Nokia phone that helps you unplug after a busy day


My favourite feature on my Nokia X10 is My Muze. My Muze is a Google play store app which you can use to curate your own playlists and listen to your favourite artists seamlessly.  I just plug in my headphones and zone out to my favourite songs.



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