DJ Zinhle Talks Pregnancy and Love With Bongani Mohosana!

DJ Zinhle Talks Pregnancy and Love With Bongani Mohosana!

There is nothing more fitting than spotlighting a powerhouse like DJ Zinhle for BET Africa’s “The Year of The Black Woman”. Getting to see femininity, motherhood, and blackness positioned in power is exactly what will continue to fascinate fans in her newly launched reality show,  DJ Zinhle – Unexpected.

As the epitome of black girl magic, Zinhle has completely mesmerized South Africa with her savvy business skills, musical talent, and killer looks. And now, fans get to view her prowess in her new show as she juggles life, love and work, alongside her second pregnancy. 

At the time of this interview, Zinhle had just made what is now being known as one of SA’s most iconic pregnancy reveals. While many celebs have opted for internet-breaking pregnancy reveals through social media, very few expected that one of SA’s most private stars would reveal an unexpected pregnancy through a trailer for an unanticipated reality show. Almost a month later, the first episode of the show has already aired with approval from fans and Zinhle has given birth to baby Asante who is her second daughter next to Kairo Forbes.

Zinhle and Kairo. Instagram.

As we settle for our interview over a Zoom call, the media mogul sits pretty before a vase of protea flowers. She is dressed in a lavender turtleneck and is petting Kleo, the Biro Yorkie dog she got for Kairo during lockdown.

“We just wanted to tell a story and I think it’s an important story that says your life doesn’t have to stop just because you’re a woman and you’re pregnant,” she says. “Pregnancy doesn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams, and that’s the fear I had before I had Kairo. I remember I didn’t even think that I was gonna have kids before I had Kairo because I was like “How am I gonna DJ? How was I gonna continue doing all these things that I wanna do.” This time around I felt like I needed to tell people that women can have babies and still take over the world.”

“I felt like I needed to tell people that women can have babies and still take over the world.” -DJ Zinhle

Certainly, women’s careers are often forced to take a backseat when they become pregnant. Once women become mothers, their reproductive abilities and household duties are often over-emphasized and pushed to the forefront of their lives. Zinhle, however, has changed that narrative for herself and even admits that she had some medical complications during her pregnancy, but that they didn’t hinder her in any way.

“I had a few medical complications like I did when I was pregnant with Kairo. You will also get to see that in the show. Over and above that I feel like I sometimes forgot that I was pregnant because I was so busy trying to work. The story [in my reality show] is as truthful as it can be: that I’m just a crazy lady who won’t stop.”

Zinhle might be the “crazy lady who won’t stop”, but amidst all the busyness, she’s obviously also found time for love with Black Motion musician Bongani “DJ Murdah” Mohosana. Zinhle reveals that Bongani has taken the supportive dad role more seriously than usual by taking on symptoms of couvade (sympathetic pregnancy).

“He’s been so supportive, to a point where he took on the energy of my pregnancy,” says Zinhle.

“We had a major medical situation in the hospital and he had to leave and go to a show and he felt so guilty, but I felt like it’s my responsibility as his girlfriend to also encourage him to able to do his own thing and not feel like now that I’m pregnant he can’t do certain things or he can’t go to work … he’s been so supportive, to a point where he took on the energy of my pregnancy. For this pregnancy, I didn’t have any symptoms but he had morning sickness and back pains. He took on a lot of that.”

According to Zinhle, Bongani will appear on the show, but for reasons personal to Bongani, not as much as we’d want. “Bongani is a super private person who keeps to himself. We brought him in on the show, but you’ll only see him once in a while,” she says.

It seems the pair are incredibly in love and super happy together, but not without Zinhle adding some extra spice to their relationship. “The thing about Bongani is that generally he’s just a nice and kind and attentive guy and I am an easy person. I’m a nice girlfriend. Anyone who’s dated me will say the same thing,” she says laughing. “But you know, now and then I have to throw in some drama!”

DJ Zinhle – Unexpected airs every Saturday on BET Africa (channel 129 DSTV) at 19:30.


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