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Fashion-forward Looks for Every Dad

In the eyes of a kid who loves their dad, a father will always be the ultimate hero. It doesn’t matter what he’s wearing or how he looks, as long as dad is by his side. Of course, the real world is not so kind and perhaps you might not feel you look like the kind of hero your kid thinks you are. In this case, updating your kicks and throwing out your old sweats can be exactly what you need to get your confidence up and have you looking more stylish.

If you’re struggling to gain some inspiration for your new fashion-forward self, here are some celebrity-inspired ideas to get you going.

The Nautical Look

You know this look: open button, crisp linen shirt paired alongside a gold-buttoned, double-breasted blazer and some loafers. Uhhm, perhaps that’s going overboard with the yacht look (no pun intended), but there are some essential pieces you can use from this style that are very trendy for this spring. Take the Breton top for instance — a fashion staple for every closet that can go from casual when paired with shorts or chinos to smart casual in suit style.

Our favourite pairing is with denim, worn by Anton Jeftha and Usher below.

The All-Denim Look

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, but surely you can see Maps Maponyane and Kanye West pulling off denim-on-denim with ease. This look has gotten a lot of bad rep over the years thanks to Britney and Justin, but today, all-denim is a bold, stylish look that’s simultaneously easy-going if you do it right.

Monochromatic Tracksuit

Monochromatic looks have the effect of lengthening the physique and making you stand out. Merge that with a tracksuit and you’re automatically both stylish and comfortable. It’s the perfect work from home look and can also be worn at outings like braais. Check out Eddy Murphy looking like the ultimate, fashion-forward dad here.

The Overcoat

Overcoats for men are usually just thought of as protective gear to wear over the outfit that you really wear. As a result, you have people often wearing simple black overcoats which is fine if you wanna blend in with the rest of the crowd.

Consider overcoats as items that not only protect you and your clothing, but something that also compliments or enhances the outfit you have on. You should also think about how you might need one for different seasons. With this item, it should also be durable, so quality is as equally important as style. Check out Kwesta in his homey checkered coat, or Kanye in his blue double-breasted below.

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