Kairo Forbes Launches Sunglasses with Mommy DJ Zinhle

Kairo Forbes, daughter to AKA and DJ Zinhle, has collaborated with her mom to launch her own line of KAIRO sunglasses. As the child of two famous eyewear connoisseurs, it’s no surprise that Kairo joined forces with her mom under ERA by Zinhle.  The KAIRO COLLECTION protects your little ones’ eyes against the harmful effects of blue light emitted by cell phones, TVs, laptops etc.

As someone who’s partnered with big brands for social media, has a range of kiddies watches under her belt and has millions of Instagram followers, Kairo is no stranger to fame. “We have conversations with her because Kairo is having encounters with people where she realises this is not normal,” she said in an Instagram Live in June 2020. “She asks and we are very honest about what is happening so we can prepare her for the life she is going into. We are not sheltering her.”

Indeed, little Kairo, who is just five years old, seems like a natural in front of the camera. The KAIRO collection ads show her glamourously modelling the Rainbow Heart shades in a pastel pink cardigan and the aptly-named Geek Chic pair of glasses.

“They have my own name on it, that’s so cool!” expresses Kairo. Speaking about her favourite part she adds: “The rainbow heart and the blue ones because blue used to be my favourite colour but now red is my favourite colour.”

The 5-pair range is targeted at girls 4-7 years old, with a 6th pair ‘The Flamingo’ for girls aged 0-2 years. A boys’ range will be added to the KAIRO collection in the coming months.

“So proud of this collaboration with my superstar Kairo Forbes,” shares DJ Zinhle.

The styles include Geek Chic, the Rainbow Heart, Pop Star, Love Bug and Eye Candy, all of which are pictured below. You can now shop the KAIRO collection online or at the ERA by DJ Zinhle Southgate store. The collection price ranges from R169 – R249. Kairo’s launch of the KAIRO sunglasses comes off the back of her highly successful kiddies watch, It’s My Time collaboration with ERA by DJ Zinhle, available here.

Make sure to connect with Kairo Forbes on Instagram for more on the KAIRO COLLECTION and to keep up with what this young mogul has in store for us.


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