Nandi Madida on Taking Time Off for Motherhood

Nandi Madida on Taking Time Off for Motherhood

Many moms and dads pine for the day where they can spend more time with their children while not having to always worry about work. Well, actress, singer and mom, Nandi Madida made the decision to take some time off this year all for the sake of family. 

Nandi and her son Shaka. Nandi Madida, Instagram

Nandi, who is married to fellow musician Zakes Bantwini and is mom to her two kids Shaka (5) and Queen Nefertiti (2), told Tshisa Live that she took an unplanned year off from work to focus on motherhood.

“This year was the one year that I actually got to take time off, which is something I haven’t done in ages. So focusing on motherhood has been amazing and just being OK with not doing anything,” she says.

The Eucerin ambassador featured on Black is King in 2020 and earned a South African Music Award for her feature on K.O.’s single “Say U Will”. Even with her career escalating, Nandi felt the break was necessary for her children and that it was also okay to spend that time connecting with herself.

Nandi Madida, Instagram.

“It’s been so rewarding. My children needed it because they’re still young. And that’s a huge achievement. It’s OK, even if you haven’t been doing anything per se and you’re just sitting down, connecting with yourself, and understanding yourself. That’s also fine.”

The mom has been posting a lot more snaps of her children. Some of the latest posts include a picture of Shaka blowing out his Sonic the Hedgehog cake for his fifth birthday and Nefi giving her best smile after a good day at school.

Nefi’s big smile after a good day at school. Nandi Madida, Instagram
Shaka’s fifth birthday. Nandi Madida, Instagram

But with all that time off, Nandi has assured fans that 2022 will be a big year for her on a global scale.

“2022 I’ll be coming hard from a more global perspective. But I love keeping these things quiet. After Black Is King, I was like ‘can I rest.’ I just signed to Macro [M88] — if you see Taraji P Henson commenting on my Instagram … it’s because we’re part of the same management along with Michael B Jordan and others. So we’re coming back,” she said.

We certainly hope the mom isn’t leaving us high and dry with the wholesome family pictures. We could certainly do with more sweet videos of Shaka and adorable snaps of Nefi’s beautiful smile!


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