Queer-friendly Animations For Your Child

Queer-friendly Animations For Your Child

Queer friendly content may have been hard to come by many years ago, but fortunately, today’s generation of kids get to explore an array of queer-friendly cartoons that they can relate to and sympathise with. While all kids should be free to consume content that conveys LGBTQIA+ stories with care and sensitivity, it’s particularly important for queer kids to see themselves and their families existing in spaces of love and care.

To celebrate Pride Month, we’re listing the following animations for you and your child’s viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling is a continuation of the original series, Rocko’s Modern Life, from Nickolodeon which follows the life of a wallaby named Rocko, his friends Heffer Wolfe and Filburt and his dog Spunky.

In this 2019 edition of the show, Rocko and his friends search for the creator of his favourite show and discover that she is a trans woman exploring her identity. They try and take her back to her parents (she hasn’t come out to them yet) and convince her to bring back the show.

Available on Netflix Kids.

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Madagascar: A Little Wild

In the third episode of Madagascar: A Little Wild, the creators of the show introduce a non-binary character named Odee. As an Okapi, Odee resembles Marty with his zebra-like stripes but also has brown fur and a long neck, unlike Marty.

When Marty tries to help him fit in during Animal Pride Parade, Odee offers a lesson about how it’s okay not to fit into categories of white or black and that existing within the grey areas is perfectly acceptable.

Available on Showmax.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a show that follows Steven and his adopted family of Crystal Gems represented as women. The show depicts queer love and is reportedly the first kid’s show to depict a same-sex proposal and wedding. The show also touches on themes like homophobia and abusive relationships in a way that’s appropriate to children.

Steven Universe Future, the epilogue to the original series, is available to watch on Showmax.

Chip and Potato

Chip and Potato is a Netflix series that introduces Roy and Ray Razzle, two zebra dads and their adorable twins in the second season of the show. The show also depicts gender-neutral bathrooms at Rainbow Forest School, where Chip goes to kindergarten.

Available on Netflix Kids.

The Loud House

This Nickolodeon series follows Lincoln Loud, a middle child of eleven siblings, as he survives through his very chaotic life. The series features interracial gay couple Howard and Harold McBride as supporting characters. Luna Loud, sister to Lincoln, explores her romantic interests for a blonde girl with a blue streak in her hair in an episode titled, “L is for Love”.

The Loud House is available on Netflix Kids.

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Twelve Forever

Reggie, the main character in this adventure-filled animated series, is a twelve-year-old girl who regularly enters a magical world with her friends. She deals with adolescent problems and is at the point in her life where she is exploring the nature of her sexuality. She develops a crush on an eighth-grade girl in episode 17 and there are many minor characters who are identified as queer in the show.

Available on Netflix Kids

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