What the Stars Say About Your Parenting Journey

Many parents who are living in the age of a global pandemic and social unrest are struggling to cope with the disorder that comes with everyday life. In such times, parenting becomes difficult as each day brings about unwelcome surprises and incidents of sickness, death, school shutdowns and isolation. For many people, millennials especially, astrology has become that enchanting and structured form of interpreting the planets in a meaningful, useful and comforting way.

Vanessa Holliday, an astrologer, coach and sound therapist, follows holistic approaches to astrology, using it as a tool alongside music therapy to empower women in various aspects of their lives, including conceiving and fertility. Since many millennials are at the age where they’re starting families, they aren’t just using astrology for individual purposes. To find out more about Astro-parenting, we asked Vanessa how parents can use astrology as a tool for child-rearing.

1. Can you use astrology to better your chances of conceiving? If so, how?

Yes! A fertility astrology reading will help you to better understand your intricate feminine reproductive system but it can never be used in isolation as there are many factors to conception. 

My approach is holistic; our fertile health & well-being requires that our whole self be in balance. A full analysis of your physical, emotional, mental and self-actualized state needs to be considered. My passion lies in assisting women to balance their feminine ecosystem to create the most fertile environment to conceive.

2. How much can star signs tell us about a baby or toddler’s personality?

Your child’s sun sign will only give you a small fraction of who they are. 

Most people are aware of their star sign, however, there are multiple aspects of astrology governing our lives. A full natal chart reading (also known as a birth chart) will need to be given to have a full understanding of your child. A natal chart displays the planets as they were moving through different zodiac signs and houses at the time of your child’s birth. Their positions will have different effects on their personality and life. (For example, the position of the Moon will determine their emotions and inner self.) We can look to these placements to further understand their strengths, weaknesses, and purpose in life.

3. Are there incompatible star sign combinations between parents and children? How can you ensure a better relationship with your child if your signs clash?

The fire signs and the air signs are compatible. Both these elements take initiation, meaning they tend to act on things relatively quickly. They look for what they want and go after it. They are quick to get things moving but will often miss the very obvious.

The water signs and the earth signs are compatible. Both these elements are receptive, meaning they stand back and take in what is going on around them. They feel into things carefully before they act and tend to analyse all the different options. 

Clashes or incompatible sun signs simply means there will be adjustments that need to be made or agreements that have to be reached to establish a satisfactory relationship. 

In a relationship, your child’s sun sign indicates what you have to learn to manage and your sun sign is expressing what they have to learn from you. I would also look at your Moon and Venus placement and that of your child’s. I say this because we are attracted to other people on the emotional level through the positions of the Moon and Venus in our own horoscopes.

To discover these characteristics and to enhance your parent-child relationship you can contact me or any other professional Astrologer for a reading. 

4. Is there a bad time to give birth? For instance, would mercury retrograde negatively affect your birth date?

There is never really a “bad time” to birth, it’s always divine timing — when nature intended. Mistakes are made–or imagined–by man and therefore if you were born on a retrograde it was no mistake. My approach to astrology regarding retrogrades as an example is that we don’t give our power away to anything external but rather we understand the planetary energies at play and how best we can work with them so we feel empowered. 

5. How can we use astrology readings for maximizing our children’s talents?

Astrology can be used as a tool to deeper understand your child and to maximize their natural talents.  A reading of your child’s natal chart can help you understand their unique characteristics, talents, challenges and the gifts they came into this world with. A reading can also assist parents in fostering and nurturing that process. This knowledge is crucial to helping your child grow and evolve.

6. Would it be advised to direct a young child (toddler to preteen) into career paths usually assigned to their signs?

In Astrology, we look at the professional career houses which are the 2nd house of money, the 6th house of work environment and the 10th house of career.  

There are 12 houses in astrology, and each governs different parts of your life. The above 3 houses (2,6,10) are the ones that are used in career astrology. First, you’ll want to assess the signs each house falls in and any planets located in that house to determine the career path to foster for your child. I would recommend contacting myself for a reading or any other professional Astrologer.

Vanessa Holliday. An Astrologer, Coach and Sound Therapist. 

As a Feminine Coach & Astrologer, Vanessa acts as a guiding anchor assisting women to feel empowered and aligned to their true nature. She offers support in balancing the feminine hormones, fertility, finding your purpose and building your dream vision.   

Her work is influenced by the wisdom teachings of ancient cultures, Anthroposophy and Contemporary Science. Completing her studies in music production gave her the tools to creatively craft therapeutic music, where studying Eurythmy (BA Degree in Movement & Sound) gave her the intuitive knowing and wisdom of how sound shapes our world.


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