Yolisa Mkhize Reveals The Precious Unexpectations That Come With Motherhood

Yolisa Mkhize Reveals The Precious Unexpectations That Come With Motherhood

The best gifts are unexpected, and the greatest gifts change your life. These two moms would agree. Being tasked with looking after one of the most delicate creations can transform you for the better.


Being a new mom can be a shock, but these mommies are fortunate enough to have sound guidance from their moms. That is a special bond that makes the journey much sweeter.


Yolisa shared with us her experience of motherhood thus far and her emotions leading up to her first Mother’s Day.


Yolisa Mkhize (IG: thatsso_lisa)

Azizi, 5 months old.


Describe your experience of motherhood so far in one word.




What’s something about motherhood you wish you knew before having your little one?


That it is not a test, it is not an assignment but it is in fact a joyful lifelong lesson.


What’s the one thing you’re enjoying about being a mom?


Seeing my child become himself. Everyday there is something, even the most simple thing, that I marvel at as he grows day by day. From a sleepy infant to a bubbly laughing baby – everyday new dots connect and he becomes all God has destined him to be.


What’s the one lesson your mother has given you about parenthood that you will keep with you forever?


To take care of myself first and love myself so that I can give my all to my child. “You cannot pour from an empty cup”. I prioritise my physical, mental and emotional well-being in order to be the best parent for my child.


How do you feel about experiencing your very first Mother’s Day?


Excited. I have always loved Mother’s Day because it revolves around my favourite person. Since I was young I’ve wanted to make the day perfect for her. I’m thrilled to continue doing that and hopefully receiving lots of love.


What would you like to say to your baby this Mother’s Day?


Thank you for helping me unearth the best version of myself. Thank you.



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