Dad Influencers and Bloggers Get Real on Father’s Day

There are so many stereotypes of dads being absent, militant or unloving. And while countries like South Africa do have high statistics of fatherlessness, shining a light on all the awesome dads who make it their life’s purpose to love and raise their children should be common practice in the media and most especially in parenting publications.

Fathers tend to be left out of conversations that have to do with child-rearing while parenting TV shows, books, and magazines seem to focus more on mothers and their importance. Archaic media depictions of dads often force-fed people the image of dads merely being breadwinners and thus neglected fathers in domestic settings, where nurturing was involved. Whenever we leave fathers out of parenting discussions, we only serve to promote the image of the uninvolved or absent father. At the same time, we neglect the dads who go all out and embrace their tender and nurturing sides for their families.

Gone are those days where fathers are expected to be emotionally unavailable or absent in the home. Super dad, Barack Obama, articulated this changing perception of fathers when he said the following to a group of graduates at Morehouse College in 2013:

“My whole life, I’ve tried to be for Michelle and my girls what my father was not for my mother and me. I want to break that cycle where a father is not at home — where a father is not helping to raise that son or daughter. I want to be a better father, a better husband, a better man.”

And so dads, with that being said, we want you to know that your presence as a father is more than appreciated. To celebrate Father’s Day this month, we’ve gathered some of our favourite dad influencers and some really cool regular dads. Not only did we ask them what fatherhood means to them, but we also gained some very important info on the best Father’s Day gifts.

The Don Father

Don Dinnematin is an award-winning dad blogger who started his blog after noticing there wasn’t enough dad content being aimed at fathers. On Instagram, you’re most likely to find him cuddling his wife and children in the cutest and most serene pictures

Greatest gift ever received on Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, I always appreciate the simple, little homemade gifts. It could be a card, a cool canvas painted by my kids, basically anything special. I have a little box in my office with all of the cool cards my children have given me.

Meaning of fatherhood

At that moment, when this little life first comes into the world, you can’t help but become emotional. I cried big tears; I was overwhelmed with love and pride. The kind of pride that only jumps into your body the second your child is born, and it’s this newfound pride that stays with you from then onwards.

Becoming a father has changed me in the most profound of ways. I get up in the morning with a passion and desire to be more, do more and love more than I ever thought possible.

Photo Credit: Silver Lining Photography and @thedonfathesa (Instagram)

Two Dads and a Kid

Emanuel is a Jozi an award-winning parenting and lifestyle dad blogger who decided to document his parenthood journey when he and his husband decided to start a family and adopt a child.

Greatest gift ever received on Father’s Day

Until now, I’ve had to literally go to the shops and say “I want this” as a gift. Perhaps I’m too fussy? The ultimate Fathers Day gift for me? I’m currently building my Le Creuset set of pots, so go down that route and I’ll be in heaven!

Meaning of fatherhood

What I love most about being a dad, is making my son’s dreams come true. Whether that’s whilst watching his face beam with excitement when he opens a gift and it’s something he has been diligently waiting for a while, or when he acknowledges the support I give him as he pursues something he really enjoys or has an affinity for. Nothing tops those moments.

Photo Cred: Vividimages Photography and @twodadsandakid (Instagram)

Alvin Leer

Alvin is a “Dadpreneur”, a term used to define a dad who is actively trying to balance their life of being a dad and an entrepreneur. From the looks of it, Alvin has got it on lock!

Greatest gift ever received on Father’s Day

For me, I love being with my kids, but I also realize the best quality time I have with them is when we’re all rested and have had our personal space separately first. So the best gift I ever got was when my family made me a big breakfast, then sent me out to go golfing with some buddies, then got to play with the kids and spend quality time upon returning. That’s a perfect day for me!

Meaning of fatherhood

What I love most about being a father is how it makes you grow as a person, and how it’s a chance to shape them into beautiful, accepting people with solid values – something which is much needed in society today. I look around me at the new generations and they do give me hope for humanity and for the planet, and I hope my kids can help make a difference in this world. Then there’s the cuddles and the laughs, of course, and the fact that they will soon be able to make me food!

Photo Credit: @officialselfiedad / Alvin Leer (Instagram)

Two Dads and a Lad

The Two Dads and a Lad are the parenting duo who make fatherhood look like a dream. They display their inspiring parenting and surrogacy journey online while celebrating every moment of their little one’s life. Jonathan, who is one of the fathers of the duo, had this to say about fatherhood.

Greatest gift ever received on Father’s Day

The greatest gift was actually waking up on our first Father’s Day and realising that we could celebrate this day as a family. Never did we ever think that it would be possible that we would be able to become parents. If we had to think about an ultimate Father’s Day gift; it would definitely be a spa treatment for some much-needed time-out.

Meaning of fatherhood

Raising kids, especially during the lockdown period has been incredible. We were able to witness our son starting to sit, crawl, walk, talk and throw his first tantrum!

Being a father also carries huge responsibility; your actions will ultimately influence how your son/daughter will grow up and raise their own children. They mimic you in everything you do.

And fatherhood is definitely fun! There is no need to find an excuse to play on a jungle gym, ride a model train, play in the mud, or see the excitement when reading your child’s favourite book.

Photo Credit: @2dadslad (Instagram)

Sifiso Masemola

Sifiso is a logistics coordinator whose love for his wife and child fills one with both adoration and envy. His Insta page is filled with wholesome moments between himself and his family. “Never knew babies could be thieves, ’cause this one stole my entire heart!!”, he writes.

Greatest gift ever received on Father’s Day

The best fathers day gift I’ve ever received was actually split in two: one from my wife and one from my daughter (who is 3). My wife bought me this glass frame that was engraved in sandblast writing about how much they love me and my daughter attempting to write dad when she was 2 on one of her school projects, I made sure to frame it!

Meaning of fatherhood

Being a father is, first of all, a blessing but being a present father is the only gift that keeps on giving. The more of myself I give the more precious it becomes. Just the sound of “daddy” from her gives me goosebumps literally every time!

Photo Credit: @sfyso (Instagram)


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