5 Peculiar Birth Stories That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

The story of a South African woman who reportedly gave birth to ten babies has now been revealed as false, an official inquiry has found. Gosiame Sithole went viral early this month when Independent Online’s Pretoria News reported the unusual story. Medical tests now reveal that the woman was not at all pregnant.

However, the inaccuracy of this story doesn’t mean that miraculous birth stories don’t exist. There are plenty of phenomenal birth stories out there that will add to your awe of how remarkable women’s bodies and life can be. We’ve gathered just some of these bizarre birth stories below.

Twins with Different Daddies

Mia Washington’s story will have you thinking twice about going off to have an affair! Mia Washington twins were discovered to have different fathers after having sex with both her husband and her lover while she was ovulating. Women can release more than one egg during ovulation and sperm from different partners can fertilize each egg. Mia’s fiance at the time forgave her and agreed to raise the two kids as his own. Heteropaternal superfecundation is a rare phenomenon among human beings, but some cases have been documented.

Oldest Woman to Give Birth

The world’s oldest woman to give birth through IVF gave birth to twins at the age of 74 in 2019. Erramatti Mangamma, who is from Nelapartipadu in India, had been without child after 54 years of marriage and decided to approach IVF specialists to assist her. She gave birth through a Caesarean section with the help of four doctors. Her doctor called it a medical miracle.

Biggest Baby 

A woman in California, USA gave birth to one of the largest babies ever born. While the average birth weight for a baby is 3.5 kg, Kelly Corsetti gave birth to a baby weighing over 13 pounds ( over 6 kg). The mom gave birth vaginally and stated that the labour was pretty quick, lasting only two hours. Doctors reported that Kelly’s baby was in good health.

Biracial Twins Show Race is Only a Construct

Twins Kalani and Jarani went viral when the world observed that they had different skin colours, with one of them passing more as white, while the other had a darker complexion, respectively. Their mother is white, while their father is black. While the twins did create headlines, fraternal twins looking different isn’t really that surprising biologically. Twins with different skin colours born from an interracial couple are as unsurprising as twins with different hair colours or eye colours. However, these twins and others like them teach us how biologically insubstantial racial categorisations are.

Birth After Death

Elayna Nigrelli is said to have been born after her mother was clinically dead. Erica Nigrelli, a high school teacher, passed out during a lesson after feeling faint. On her way to the hospital, paramedics reported that her heart had stopped beating. The doctors performed a postmortem delivery through a Caesarean. Surprisingly, Erica’s heart began to beat again and remained in a medically induced coma. Erica, who was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, stayed in a medically induced coma for five days while her baby remained in ICU for two weeks. The mother and child went on to recover and live healthy lives. 


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