Findings Report that Tembisa 10 was Real

Findings Report that Tembisa 10 was Real

In June of this year, the story of Tembisa 10 took South Africa and much of the global media by storm. The feel-good story, reported by Pretoria News editor Piet Rampedi, centred on Moliehi Maria Sithole (also known as Gosiame) who was said to have given birth to ten babies. 

As the public began to take to the news, South African officials started to reject the story as fake news. Media publications then continued to confirm that medical tests revealed that the woman was not at all pregnant. 

In a press conference that aired on 27 November, Wednesday, Independent Media Chairperson Iqbal Survé claimed, through their company’s findings, that Gosiame did give birth to decuplets. In a foreboding tone, he stated that the stories that the Independent Media are working on surrounding the decuplets “are going to shock the foundations of this country.”

Below are some of the key findings of the Independent Media investigations:

  • Only eight of the ten babies survived. The two that died were are suggested to have died due to medical negligence.
  • The babies were delivered through cesarean. According to Iqbal Survé, an error occurred during this procedure which left the mother in great pain.
  • Medical negligence is said to be involved, with not enough doctors being present for the birth.
  • Gosiame was told that she could deliver her babies in a private hospital, provided that she gave her eight babies up for adoption
  • There are suggestions that this is a case that involves human trafficking.
  • There were no incubators provided for the babies.
  • Politicians, businessmen, doctors and nurses are complicit in the tragic story of Gosiame’s decuplets.

A ten-part series will be released exposing and naming those who are complicit and revealing the text messages and audio recordings exchanged between doctors, nurses, social workers and the state. Further details of the series have not been revealed as yet.

For the full press briefing, see the video below.


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