Five Fun Ways to Break Pregnancy News to your Partner!

Announcing pregnancy news to your partner is probably one of the most beautiful moments you’ll get to experience as a couple. Once you find out that you’re pregnant, you’re probably bubbling with plenty of uncontrolled excitement and thinking about ways to tell your partner. To help you out, we’ve listed some special ways you can announce that you’re pregnant to your partner. If you can find a way to do it inconspicuously, try recording your reveal as you’ll get to have this memory with you forever and share it with family, friends and even your child when they’re all grown up. 

Scratch off reveal

There’s nothing like watching someone unsuspectingly revealing their own surprise with a scratch-off card. You can buy personalised scratch-off cards online or visit a print store and inscribe a special message with the big news. Tell your partner you got them at the store for free as part of a competition or that it’s a lottery ticket you can scratch off together. Check out the surprise on this daddy’s face when he realises what the big prize is.

A message from baby

You can really get creative and personal with this idea by writing out your relationship story and pregnancy journey from the perspective of your unborn baby. You can send the letter from your unborn baby to your partner as a delivered package or mail, but make sure to keep the element of surprise by making the package look like it’s from a specific company. See this mother’s big baby package reveal to her husband.

Taste challenge

The taste challenge is really great because you can easily record the moment without your partner knowing. Have your partner taste different foods while asking them what each food reminds him of. Include baby food in the selection of treats and watch their surprise as you ask them why you would buy baby food. This new mom did it perfectly!

Pregnancy movie

These days there are just so many easy ways to create cool videos. A great way to announce your pregnancy to your partner or even other family members is to create a cool movie that tells the journey of your relationship. End the movie by showing how your relationship is about to change with the presence of a baby.

Let your kid spill the beans!

Anything kids say is ten times more adorable than if you would say it. If you already have one, try and get your child in on the fun by having them announce the big news. And if they don’t speak just yet, see how this mommy got her toddler to break the news to daddy!


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