Beat Winter Blues with Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Winter is coming in full swing and that means less time outdoors and less socialising than what’s already possible. This shouldn’t mean that your little one has to be subjected to boredom for the entire cold season, but it does probably mean you have to get a little more creative with indoor activities.

Fortunately for you, toddlers are often enthusiastic and can find joy in almost every toy or activity they can partake in. So, if you’re worried about your child potentially getting the winter blues, we’ve rounded up some indoor activities to help you out. Don’t forget to share your own favourites in the comment section below!

Make bubble wrap runways

Don’t throw away that bubble wrap just yet! Popping bubble wraps can work as great stress relievers for adults, so imagine the fun that your little ones could get up to with a bubble wrap runway. All you need is some bubble wrap and masking tape to stick the wrap to the floor. Your kids can enjoy their runway in the passageway or any area where there are few obstacles in the way. They’re likely to stomp up and down the runway, use toys like car toys to run over the bubbles or get down on their knows to pop the bubbles by hand once there are only a few left.

Create an indoor play gym

Indoor play gyms are the perfect way for your child to compensate for the lack of outdoor fun and exercise during winter. While you can buy indoor home play gyms, you can also create a basketball court with buckets and balls, hopscotch mats, laser mazes or a combination of these types of games to create an obstacle course.

Build a fort 

Forts are great for bringing out your indoor sense of adventure. They’re also the cosiest places to be during winter. You can use them for intimate cuddle times and story times for the end of a long day. Otherwise, you can allow your child to occupy themselves inside their fort by playing brain-boosting games like puzzles or by being on their phones and tablets if that’s an option. While forts are usually made with simple objects like blankets, pillows, and chairs, you can also make pretty cool ones like in the video below.

See video on how to build a fort here

Get Artsy!

Arts and crafts are perfect for children’s infinite sense of imagination and creativity. If you have space, you can use your car garage, a shed or any other appropriate room to let your child get creative. Get them going with hand print art that they can use to draw cute animals with (something you’ll cherish as they get older), shop around for bead packs that they can use for making jewelry or give them old bowls and mugs to decorate on their own. Check out some examples below.


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