This Family’s Morning Routine is Causing a Stir on Twitter!

This Family’s Morning Routine is Causing a Stir on Twitter!

A Tik Tok video that shows a family getting ready for school has Twitter users riled up about two-parent households. 

Every parent knows that preparing kids for school can be a mission and a half. Your low level of patience can clash with sibling rivalry or a moody child who is slow to start during morning routines. However, after watching the video, Tweeps expressed how the problem isn’t always children.

The rehearsed Tik Tok video showed a frantic mother readying herself, and her three other kids for school while a father coolly and casually got dressed to take them to school. The mother hurriedly does her hair, moisturises her son’s face, styles her daughter’s hair and packs her day’s essentials. Meanwhile, dad is seen checking himself out in the mirror and dusting off his sneakers as mom prepares. At the end of the video, the dad waits in his car and asks himself why his family is taking so long to get ready.

While some felt that they’re just dividing roles, others expressed their frustration at women bearing a majority of the household duties. Janine Jellars, author of The Big South African Hair Book, quoted the tweet and stated how two-parent households left much to be desired.

The woman below felt that the situation was totally okay if her partner was taking the responsibility of contributing financially.

Another user that he would never have his partner do all the work and that it required a team effort.

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